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- Robin Minis II, 4

Poor Tim. Things are not going his way at this point.

I don’t know if I mentioned this earlier in my spammage of this story, but it really bugs me that I can’t figure out where Batman is - aside for the fact that Tim says he’s in Rio. I’m going all-out mama bear on this story now, but what on earth is he doing there and why can’t he come home to help out? Why is he incommunicado? He’s got a little bird home alone whom I’m sure he’s given a ton of instructions about what not to do. But Tim’s not Robin for nothing and when the Joker escapes he needs to - has to - do something about it.

Why would Bruce leave Tim home alone and not even make sure he had a way to communicate with him? That’s the big question. Because this is the frigging Joker and Tim is a little fledgling at this point. He’s barely even started Robining. Bad writing and lack of coordination with other Bat-books on behalf of the creators seems like the only solution. Because Bruce is around and well (with Tim) in Batman and ‘Tec during the same time that this series was released. Either that, or ‘Brucie’ needed to make an Rio for some odd reason.

Anyone know the specifics about this?

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Don’t you want to know how this ends?

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"You know, Grayson, one of the perks of being dead is that I can’t hear you"

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I wouldn’t tell Adam and Kristina, though, because— Max, teacher, Crosby thing. It’s their fault. They should not hire such attractive people. 

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"I wanted to talk. About what happened. About us."

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Felicity “Codebreaker” Smoak

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Nettie Harris - Photography - me


Teen Wolf Deleted Scene :: Scott and Isaac from Unleashed

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